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Spiritual Reality -A Journey WithinSpiritual Reality Takes you through a unique journey, a journey which will change your life, a journey which will enrich you, and make you knowledgeable and blissful, Spiritual Reality is a program, on Meditation and Meditational Experiences, While you watch this program be totally relaxed, Just witness it, just flow with it, don’t try to analyze it, Totally be with it. If any thought comes cut the thought take a deep breath and just be with it, it is just for you.

In this whole creation we are just a small spec, Each one of us in Search of good health, peace, Knowledge, prosperity, harmony, and over all a happy and blissful life at all given times and Situations. Each and every person tries hard to achieve this state but can this really be achieved ?……… Watch the Spiritual Reality Video


The UnMasking btyeklgrc

The UnMaskingSince the fall of man, after the great deluge, the human race has been in total disharmony, on every level that you could possibly imagine,
Knowledge has been taken away from the masses and given to a very select few…….
In the 1960’s spiritual leaders, priests, and some secret society organisations, from around the world, decided in unison, to lift the veil of secrecy and to shine light back into the darkness of ignorance.
Time to give it back….Knowledge is POWER!. Knowledge is knowing where the ledge is… So you don’t fall down…… Watch The UnMasking Series


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